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"Cannabis Is Essential" Webinar Hosted by Hoge-Fenton, Silicon Valley Cannabis Alliance & San Jose Spotlight News, July 22, 2020.  Our Five PREMIER PANELISTS Are:

Nicole Elliott, CA Governor's Office

Ash Kalra, Assembly Member D27; co-writer of San Jose Cannabis Policy

Pam Foley, San Jose Council Member D9

Dave McPherson, Hdl Companies

Hirsh Jain, Govt' Affairs for Caliva

Cannabis Is Essential, & Compassionate

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How will Santa Clara County enforce non-medical cannabis sales ban? THE HONOR SYSTEM.

Click image for full San Jose Spotlight story.

Legal Cannabis for Consumer Safety

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The Silicon Valley Cannabis Alliance is a member of the Legal Cannabis for Consumer Safety Steering Committee. The Legal Cannabis for Consumer Safety (LCCS), is a coalition representing California’s largest licensed cannabis growers, manufacturers, associations, retailers, testing labs, advocates, and marketplaces. LCCS is the regulated cannabis industry’s unified voice on consumer safety issues, and is committed to understanding the causes of lung illnesses associated with vaping and implementing fact-based responses. So far the the LCCS has been working with the Governor's Office, the Bureau of Cannabis Control and the various other state organizations that regulate the legal cannabis industry. If you have any questions or comments or would like further information please reach out to me. As things progress the SVCA will keep you updated via further posts. Here is a link to the LCCS website as a helpful resource:

SVCA Signs On To AB 1356 - Ting

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EXCERPT: AB 1356 would help close this gap in access and tax revenue by requiring local jurisdictions where more than 50% of residents voted in favor of Prop. 64 to grant retail and medical dispensary licenses equal to 25% of the number of on-site liquor licenses in the jurisdiction—or clearly demonstrate that the local electorate does not want access to cannabis products. Based on the fact that out of the 538 jurisdictions identified by the Secretary of State, 393 jurisdictions voted in favor of Prop. 64, passing this legislation will finally allow the will of the voters to manifest in tangible progress.


Pot is Not Just A State of Mind, IT'S BUSINESS TODAY!

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Silicon Valley Business Journal curated  a lively and informative discussion on Cannabis with an esteemed panel of specialists: Sean Kali-rai, Silicon Valley Lobbyist; Sharmi Shah, Compliance Attorney; Mark Heyl, M&A Hopkins and Carley; Kevin Haller, CPA/280e expert, Akene.   Click panel photo to watch/listen to most of the presentation.

Blockchain Advocacy Coalition Sponsors Bill to Allow Virtual Currency Payments for California Cannabis Taxes

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Click image for full news story.  #Cannabis #PhilTing #Blockchain #Bitcoin #VirtualCurrency #Banking

5 to 2 VOTE - City of Mountain View Cannabis

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Over a year in the making the City of Mountain View adopted their cannabis ordinance by a 5 to 2 vote. Their residents voted in favor of Proposition 64 by 67.66%, the highest percentage favorable vote in all of Santa Clara County.  The program will allow  2- Storefront Retail & 2-Non Storefront Retail.  SVCA would like to thank the Mayor, the City Council and Staff for doing the right thing.

SVCA co-Sponsors Assembly Bill 2215

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Our four-legged family members need Love & Medicine too.

SVCA co-Sponsored AB2215 introduced by Ash Kalra is about to become law:  This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to require the Veterinary Medical Board to establish guidelines for licensed veterinarians to discuss the use of cannabis on animal patient clients and to protect state-licensed veterinarians from disciplinary action for discussing the use of cannabis on animal patient clients.

<<BILL TEXT link>>

Sean Kali-rai addresses Lori Ajax of BCC

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Thanks to the Future Cannabis Project and Peter Cervieri, Sean Kali-rai addresses Lori Ajax of the Bureau of Cannabis Control in Sacramento on the difficulties of opening up city and county markets in Silicon Valley. <Click image for video>

Not Joints-But Joint Ventures

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Sean Kali-rai, President/Founder Silicon Valley Cannabis Alliance brings reporter Rob Fladeboe of KRON4 to check out the 5th Annual National Cannabis Industry Alliance (NCIA) 3-day conference. Business to Business, Cannabis to non-Cannabis networking and real-time deals are happening everywhere you look. Hundreds of vendor booths and thousands of visitors crowd the aisles looking for opportunities. Tech was born 40 years ago, these are the next new Silicon Valley start ups looking for investment dollars and growth potential. <Click image for news link video>

SiriusXM Radio Interview

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Sean Kali-rai talks cannabis in California with journalist Tina Dupuy on the "Progress Presents" show on Sirius XM radio in New York.  How elected officials are now quickly changing their past bias against marijuana and now willing, and in some cases asking for campaign donations from legal cannabis industry businesses; also some information on what Silicon Valley Cannabis Alliance is all about. (Click "ON AIR" image).

PRESS RELEASE - Social Justice for Santa Clara County Residents

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On November 8, 2016, California voters passed Proposition 64, the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act. The Act legalizes the adult use of Cannabis and establishes regulations that will control and oversee the Cannabis industry. The act also establishes protocols for redesignating, dismissing and sealing convictions for Health & Safety Code sections 11357, 11358, 11359, and 11360 going back to 1975. But, hundreds of thousands of Californians have criminal records for possessing or selling the drug when it was still banned. Those records can make it harder for people to get a job, obtain a loan, go to college, rent an apartment or otherwise become productive members of their community — even if their cannabis arrest happened decades ago.

Silicon Valley Cannabis Alliance Holds Kick-Off Event

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Assembly member Ash Kalra, 27th Dist. Hosted SVCA kick off event in San José*

A packed house of licensed cannabis industry business owners, local elected officials, cannabis Regulators and cannabis-friendly businesses such as accounting firms, insurance agency and attorney services gathered to hear guest speakers Lori Ajax, Chief of Bureau of Cannabis Control; Robert Parrott, Director of CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division; Asif Mann, Chief of the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch; and Miren Klein, Asst. Deputy Director, Center for Environmental Health talk about what is new for 2018 on cannabis in California.  The presentations from all speakers ran for almost two hours. There was a lively Q&A segment that answered most pressing questions that many folks have today ranging from licensing to enforcement.  Everyone stayed after for the social reception hour for face to face individual questions with all the panelists. They were great!

Thank you Assemblymember Ash Kalra and your office for a successful event.

*Click link for audio or video transcript of event provided by (Shane Gill)

VIDEO Introduction: 






San Jose Approves Recreational Cannabis Sales

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In a unanimous vote, San Jose City Council approves the sale of recreational cannabis for 2018. 

Real Estate is Flying High

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Since the passage of California Proposition 64 in November 2016, communities in the greater San Francisco Bay Area are having discussions—some internal and quiet, others very public—revisiting their positions on medical and recreational marijuana.  

San Jose Considers Recreational Cannabis Ban

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With less than two months to go before recreational pot becomes legal in California, the Bay Area’s largest city is considering lifting its ban on non-medical cannabis and looking at how it regulates and taxes the emerging industry.

New Cannabis Business Association

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Move over, chamber of commerce and labor unions. There could soon be a new political powerhouse in Silicon Valley — and it’s marijuana.

Cities Scramble to Regulate Recreational Cannabis

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With polls showing state voters are likely to approve legalizing recreational marijuana next week, cities throughout the Bay Area and California are adopting local rules that would do everything from govern indoor grows and ban outdoor cultivation to restrict sales of pot.

City Leaders Consider Recreational Cannabis

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City leaders are considering major compromises to hard-fought rules regulating medical marijuana — including allowing home delivery — just weeks before California voters decide whether to legalize recreational pot.

Chuck Reed Joins Forces with Pot Clubs

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Chuck Reed will observe the counterculture holiday by standing alongside cannabis club execs to denounce a voter initiative that would replace the city’s nascent pot laws. Measure C, which comes up on the June ballot, would lift zoning restrictions and open the market to any number of new collectives.

Proposition 64 Wins

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Social and political tides were shifting. For the first time, a majority of Americans favored legalizing marijuana. There were whispers and murmurs, then chatter and finally shouts about California being poised for a “green rush,” a rapid and sweeping expansion of the marijuana industry.

How Legal Weed Will Work in CA

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“This is a titanic shift in U.S. drug policy,” San Jose-based pot lobbyist Sean Kali-Rai said. “I think it will help get rid of those last vestiges of stigma attached to medical marijuana, or marijuana in general.”

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